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Getting Your Prescriptions Filled

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Prescriptions can be filled at any of the over 55,000 participating pharmacies across the United States and its territories. You will need to show your member card the first time you fill a prescription at a pharmacy. You won’t need to fill out any paperwork—the pharmacy should file the claim. You simply pay the applicable amount. In most cases, you’ll pay one amount for each 34-day supply.

Looking for a pharmacy?

Mail-Order Service
Mail-order is designed for people taking maintenance medications. If you order your medications by mail, most benefits allow up to a 90-day supply. Allow up to two weeks for delivery. Learn more about our mail-order service, download mail-order forms or view mail-order FAQs.

Learn more about getting your prescriptions filled via our FAQs.

Keep in mind: Your benefit does not cover all medications. Please refer to your benefit brochure for specific coverage information. Also, a handful of medications require prior authorization before they are covered under your benefit. See your plan-specific Prior Authorization List to view those medications.