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Important Update!

As of 04/01/2015 RegenceRX is now OmedaRx. Please visit Omedarx.com for more information and to access all the latest documentation and programs. Regencerx.com will be coming down in the next few weeks.

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Rx Features

The RegenceRx Formulary: Based on scientific evidence for effectiveness, safety and cost-savings
Have you ever wondered why some drugs make the RegenceRx formulary and others don’t? If a medication you’re taking isn’t on our formulary, we bet you have wondered. Learn more >

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Read More Find Your Drug Formulary

Individual and small group (Metallic) plans with effective dates 1/1/2014 and beyond: Preferred Medication Lists/Formularies

The formularies for these plans can be found in the following article. You may also refer to a specific health plan’s website for formulary and benefit information. Learn more >

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